Noni MacDonald, OC MD

A trailblazer in paediatric infectious disease and in decolonization and democratization of community focused research

A renowned researcher, paediatrician, infectious disease specialist and vaccinologist, Noni E. MacDonald, MD, has had a distinguished career of “firsts.” Notably, Dr. MacDonald became Canada’s first female Dean of Medicine when she attained the position at Dalhousie Medical School. She was also the country’s first paediatrician to be certified in paediatric infectious diseases and the founding editor of the Canadian Paediatric Society’s Journal of Paediatrics & Child Health. Dr. MacDonald made significant advances working with cystic fibrosis patients and on the frontlines of Sexually Transmitted infections. As a strong supporter of global health, she has been a consultant and advisor to the World Health Organization for more than 20 years, most recently with the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization (SAGE). Her research focus on vaccines involves vaccine safety, hesitancy and acceptance, pain mitigation and policy issues. In 2008, she cofounded MicroResearch (MR), an organization that democratizes health research by placing the drivers of change in the hands of locals. Through MR, local healthcare workers and community experts identify local healthcare problems, are trained to develop a research proposal, conduct this research, and translate their findings into action. Dr. MacDonald has inspired thousands of physicians, health care workers and students to find evidence-based solutions to health problems in Canada and beyond.

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