Discovery Days in Health Sciences NORTH

Expanding our outreach to northern and remote communities across Canada through virtual programming




Building on the past year's success in delivering our usual in-person Discovery Days in Health Sciences virtually and to expand our outreach, we are piloting a new virtual program called  Discovery Days in Health Sciences NORTH.

We invite high school students in grades 10, 11 and 12 living in the most northern regions of Canada to participate in the half-day online program. This program is considered an individual learning opportunity. Attending students will explore the vast career options in medicine and the health sciences by interacting with researchers, clinicians and educators from partnering universities, hospitals and research institutions.

A Discovery Day comprises:

  • a dynamic keynote lecture
  • an interactive workshop (among a choice of many)
  • the "Health Pros Tell-All" career panel Q&A

The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame is committed to fostering inclusion and supporting the leadership efforts at Canadian universities to change the diversity pathway to medicine and the health sciences. We encourage teachers to include students who self-identify as Indigenous, Black or a Person of Colour, or who come from a rural or known disadvantaged socioeconomic background, when considering who will be invited to attend this event. 


Central Canada - Wednesday, March 6


  • A contact teacher must first register the school for the event(s) of interest in order to receive updates (further details can be found on the specific event page)

  • Contact teachers will receive individual registration instructions to be distributed to interested students (for dates please see respective event page)

  • There is no fee to register

If you are a student but cannot find a teacher to act as a contact for your school, or if you just want to be sure your school is on our distribution list, please contact the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame. Please indicate your city, high school and event of interest.


  • Those wishing to share their passion for learning and their chosen profession are invited to host an interactive workshop or take part in our “Health Pros Tell All” career panel discussion which concludes each Discovery Day.  Click on your event of interest in the above line-up for the appropriate forms with further details.


“I wasn't completely sure what Discovery Day was before I attended, and I had a ton of fun! The workshop was great, but there was so much more to the program that was awesome! The virtual platform actually worked very well.” 
        - Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia (2021)

“The event was a very educational and fun day. I enjoyed learning about the different topics and hearing the speakers stories. I also found the "Meet-up" a great way to reach out and talk with individuals with similar goals and hearing why they are interested in health sciences. All in all, the day was very fun, educational, and enlightening in the world of health sciences.”
       - University of Calgary, Alberta (2021)

"I entered this event thinking it would be a very mild experience, little did I know all of my unconscious questions were being answered without even needing to ask for a rephrase. This experience overall was amazing, and I learned many things that will definitely stay with me for a lifetime. Thank you for this unforgettable experience!"
       - McGill University, Québec (2021)

About the CMHF

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