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The Impact Theme timelines are an interesting and informative way to explore Laureate achievements in a specific health category. Select achievements from individual Laureate timelines feed into the Impact Themes.  BROWSE the Impact Theme categories below.

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161 people have been inducted into the CMHF, with up to six new inductees selected annually.

Their contributions are significant and varied.

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Understanding the body and disease process

Science and Research

Basic science research (sometimes called bench research) comprises disciplines such as biochemistry, microbiology, physiology, and pharmacology and focuses on determining the causal mechanisms behind the functioning of the human body in health and illness. Use the category links below to explore our Laureates.


Laureates in this area were inducted for their leadership in research with national and international recognition for a scientific contribution including innovative ideas and hypotheses, observations and experiments of critical significance to health science; definitive clinical trials, implementation research or leading scientific advances.

Improving health and patient outcomes

Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention

Excellence in patient care involves a wide variety of medical and nonmedical factors including infrastructure, training, competence of personnel, efficiency of operational systems, patient engagement, access to care, clinical trials, research and collaboration.

Nurse explaining how to use an inhaler

Laureates in this area were inducted for their leadership in growing our medical knowledge about diagnosis, care and treatment through population health, patient-centered engagement and clinical research.

Building our health organizations and systems

Pioneers, leaders, scholars and change makers

Health care is a system comprising people, institutions & resources along with the training, policies, structure and organizational leadership that make it all happen.


Laureates in this category are recognized for their contributions as pioneers and leaders, positively impacting health care overall.

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