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How we train and educate our health care providers and researchers has evolved as much as has science. Whether developing an academic specialty, creating new standards for training, building our learning institutions, or expanding the breadth of learning to include clinical research, CMHF Laureates have profoundly impacted future generations of health scientists, scholars and clinicians.

Medical student Medical Students
  1. 1883

    In an effort to increase women’s access to medical education, Dr. Stowe founded the Women’s Medical College.

  2. 1889

    Osler was appointed Chief of Medicine at the new Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore and was instrumental in establishing the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

  3. 1892

    Osler published his popular textbook, "Principles and Practices of Medicine".

  4. 1898

    The “Dispensary”, a medical clinic created to provide clinical experience for students of Women’s Medical College (WMC), opened.

  5. 1900

  6. 1901

    First presented the Canada Medical Act (“Roddick Bill”) before the House of Commons

  7. 1910

  8. 1920

  9. 1927

    Dr. Pierre Masson was invited by the Université de Montréal to be Chair of the Department of Pathology

  10. 1930

  11. 1931

    William Gallie’s post graduate training course in surgery was established

  12. 1940

  13. 1949

    Through the efforts of Dr. Mackenzie, a number of new residency training programs began in the Faculty of Medicine

  14. 1950

  15. 1951

    The R. Samuel McLaughlin Foundation was established

  16. 1959

    Dr. Mackenzie became Dean of the Faculty of Medicine from 1959 to 1974 and transformed the medical school through increased research funding and enhanced recruitment

  17. 1960

  18. 1960

    Lou Siminovitch joined the faculty at the University of Toronto

  19. 1965

    The McMaster medical school was established

  20. 1966

    After convincing the provincial and federal governments of his idea for a medical school in Newfoundland, Dr. Rusted was appointed Director of Post-Graduate Medical Education and Coordinator of…

  21. 1966

    Fraser Mustard became a founding member of the McMaster University’s Faculty of Medicine

  22. 1967

    David Sackett was invited to join the newly created medical school at McMaster University

  23. 1967

    Dr. Ian McWhinney emigrated to Canada to become the first professor and chair of family medicine in Canada at Western University

  24. 1968

    Driven by a desire for new challenges, Dr. Cochrane left the Maritimes with a mandate, but limited resources, to develop a medical school at the University of Calgary

  25. 1969

    Within a few short years, Memorial’s medical school was housed in a temporary building and had hired a handful of faculty

  26. 1970

  27. 1970

    Dr. Jock Murray joins the Dalhousie Medical Faculty in 1970

  28. 1971

    Dr. Naimark was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Manitoba

  29. 1972

    Authored by Dr. Murray Barr, the first edition of "The Human Nervous System" was published

  30. 1980

  31. 1982

    A partnership with Makerere University in Kampala was established

  32. 1984

    Dr. Langer, along with important academic members of his department, created the "Surgeon Scientist Program"

  33. 1985-1992

    Dr. Murray becomes the Dean of Medicine at Dalhousie University

  34. 1988

    As a skilled administrator, Dr. Jean Gray became Associate Dean of Post-Graduate Medical Education at Dalhousie University

  35. 1988

    Dr. Jacalyn Duffin became the Hannah Chair in the History of Medicine at Queen’s University

  36. 1989

    Dr. Joseph Martin became Dean of the School of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco

  37. 1989

    Dr. McWhinney’s international reputation was advanced in 1989 with the publication of his textbook of Family Medicine.

  38. 1989

    Dr. Tator was appointed chair of the division of neurosurgery at the University of Toronto

  39. 1989

    With his natural leadership qualities and administrative skills, Dr. Bienenstock became Vice-President of the Faculty of Medicine.

  40. 1990

  41. 1990

    During his position as Departmental Chair, his own clinical interest in HPB and transplant surgery led to the development of a major post-training fellowship program in HPB and liver transplant…

  42. 1993

    Dr. Ronald made many contributions to Winnipeg’s Health Sciences Centre

  43. 1994

    The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) established the Clinician Investigator Program in all medical and surgical specialties, using Dr. Langer’s Surgeon Scientist Program at…

  44. 1997

    Dr. Martin returned to Harvard to become Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

  45. 1999 - 2010

    Dr. Herbert serves as Dean, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University.

  46. 1999

    The first woman in Canada to become Dean of a Faculty of Medicine

  47. 2000

  48. 2001

    Dr. Chochinov co-founded the Canadian Virtual Hospice (CVH) and served as its chair for the next 16 years

  49. 2003 - 2010

    Dean, Faculty of Medicine, in at University of Montreal

  50. 2005

    Dr. Bliss wrote the now standard biography of the legendary figure in Canadian medical history in "William Osler: A Life in Medicine"

  51. 2006

    Dr. Jock Murray was awarded the Silver Medal for Best Book in History from Forefront Magazine for his book "Multiple Sclerosis: the History of a Disease"

  52. 2008 - 2010

    Co-chair, National Academic Health Science Centre Task Force on Securing the Future of Canadian Academic Health Science Centers

  53. 2010

  54. 2020

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