Improving health and patient outcomes Hormones

Hormones are produced by glands and special cells and are sent into the bloodstream to various tissues in our bodies as part of the endocrine system. Hormones influence almost every cell, organ and function in our bodies.

Pharmacists Researcher
  1. 1930

    Drs. Browne, Thompson and Collip published critical papers discussing the successful isolation of an estrogen complex, later named Emmenin

  2. 1938

    After comparing the similarities between Simmond’s disease and anorexia nervosa, Drs. Farquharson and Hyland classified anorexia nervosa as a mental disorder and not a disorder of the endocrine gland

  3. 1940

  4. 1950

  5. 1960

  6. 1969

    Following his initial discovery of calcitonin, Dr. Douglas Copp was associated with isolating pure salmon calcitonin

  7. 1970

  8. 1980

  9. 1990

  10. 2000

  11. 2010

  12. 2020

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