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Cancer is a group of diseases that involves abnormal growth of cells in potentially every part of our bodies. Some cancers are serious while others can easily be cured.  Survival rates of many types of cancers continue to improve, thanks to early detection, and timely, high quality management.

Nurse with cancer patient Surgeons
  1. 1950

    Dr. M. Vera Peters published her landmark study that suggested early-stage Hodgkin’s was potentially curable with radiation therapy

  2. 1951

    In October 1951, Dr. Johns and his team made history with his innovative device, the Cobalt-60 Beam Therapy Unit

  3. 1958

    The Ontario Cancer Institute was established at the Princess Margaret Hospital

  4. 1959

    The purification process of vinblastine was patented in the name of Drs. Beer, Noble and doctoral student Dr. J.H. Cutts

  5. 1960

  6. 1970

  7. 1971

    Dr. McCulloch established the bone marrow transplantation program at Prince Margaret Hospital

  8. 1975

    Dr. Peters published the first controlled study to demonstrate that lumpectomy followed by radiation therapy had success outcomes equal to or better than more radical procedures

  9. 1980

  10. 1980's

    Dr. Till’s sphere of research expanded

  11. 1990

  12. 1991

    The Division of Palliative Care in McGill University’s Department of Oncology was founded

  13. 2000

  14. 2002

    Dr. Peters’ observations continued to be met with skepticism

  15. 2003

    Bernard Langer - Cancer care champion

  16. 2008

    To help advanced practical applications of his scientific discoveries, Dr. Mak co-founded Agios Pharmaceuticals

  17. 2010

  18. 2020

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