Meet our Laureates

Six Canadian medical heroes are inducted annually into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame. Their work may be a single meritorious contribution or a lifetime of superior accomplishments.  Pioneers in their field, they are role models of excellence in health in Canada and the world.

Are you interested in which Laureates relate to a specific disease, or specialty?

    M. Vera Peters, MD

    Cancer, The Early Days - Health Care Pioneers, Women in Medicine

    Dr. Mildred Vera Peters is most notably recognized as an outstanding clinical investigator who changed the management of Hodgkin’s disease and…

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    Ernest McCulloch, MD

    Cells, Genetics & Genomics, Leadership in Organizational Development, Cancer

    Dr. Ernest McCulloch, along with his colleague Dr. James Till, established the existence of stem cells and developed the framework of future stem…

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    James Till, PhD

    Cancer, Cells, Genetics & Genomics, Leadership in Organizational Development

    An important partnership was formed when Dr. James Till combined his experience in biophysics with Dr. Ernest McCulloch’s medical background in…

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    Charles Beer, PhD

    Cancer, Cancer

    In 1954, Dr. Charles T. Beer joined forces with the revered Dr. Robert Noble to study the impact of periwinkle plants. This research project…

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