Improving health and patient outcomes

Excellence in patient care involves a wide variety of both medical and nonmedical factors including infrastructure, training, competence of personnel, efficiency of operational systems, patient engagement, access to care, clinical trials and collaboration – to name a few.

Doctor and patient Nurse with Patient
  1. 1879

    Leonora King began attending to Lady Li Hung Chang, wife of the Viceroy

  2. 1900

  3. 1900

    The Grenfell Mission started humbly on the deck of a docked missionary hospital ship, where Wilfred Grenfell offered medical treatments, as well as friendship and spiritual guidance

  4. 1908

    With the financial support of Lady Li, Leonora King established a medical school for women

  5. 1910

  6. 1920

  7. 1930

  8. 1936

    The first edition of the Dr. Meakin’s renowned textbook, The Practice of Medicine, was published

  9. 1940

  10. 1950

  11. 1960

  12. 1967

    Dr. Breault successfully patented the “Palm N’ Turn” container

  13. 1970

  14. 1972 - 1982

    Dr. Herbert was a pioneer in community-based primary care research, with research questions arising from practice and grounded in patient and community care needs.

  15. 1978

    First doctor on-site as part of Operation Magnet, a mission to airlift Vietnamese refugees from Kuala Lampur to Canada

  16. 1980

  17. 1980's

    Along with his colleagues, Dr. Ian McWhinney began exploring the impact of patient-centred care

  18. 1982 - 1987

    Dr. Herbert becomes the founding co-director of Sexual Abuse Assessment Pilot Project

  19. 1982 - 1988

    Dr. Herbert serves as the founding co-director of Vancouver Sexual Assault Assessment Service (still operating in 2023)

  20. 1984

    Dr. Calvin Stiller established and led the Multi-Organ Transplant Service at University Hospital

  21. 1986

    Dr. Goldboom served as the chair of the Canadian Task Force on the Periodic Health Examination

  22. 1989

    May Cohen developed the "Gender as a Determinant of Health" presentation, which became an annual event

  23. 1990

  24. Early 1990's

    Dr. Jean Gray began working with the Canadian Pharmacists Association to develop a comprehensive handbook for primary care practitioners designed to support therapeutic decision-making

  25. 1992

    Published by Churchill-Livingstone, Dr. Goldbloom’s second book, Pediatric Clinical Skills, was met with extreme popularity by medical undergraduates and postgraduates. The book is now in its 4th…

  26. 1995

    Dr. Harvey Max Chochinov’s article on desire for death in the terminally ill was published

  27. 2000

  28. 2000

    Demonstrating her leadership on an international scale, Dr. O’Connor co-led the Oxford Forum on Shared Decision Making

  29. 2001

    May Cohen authored “The Training Manual For Gender Mainstreaming in Health” for the Medical Women’s International Association

  30. 2001

    Under the direction of Dr. Berger, the DFCM at St. Michael’s hospital established Canada’s first academic infirmary for people suffering homelessness

  31. 2001

    Dr. Chochinov co-founded the Canadian Virtual Hospice (CVH) and served as its chair for the next 16 years

  32. 2003

    Bernard Langer - Cancer care champion

  33. 2006

    In a landmark Lancet paper, Dr. Montaner postulated that wide availability of antiretroviral therapy immediately following HIV diagnosis would stop HIV/AIDS related morbidity and mortality and, at…

  34. 2010

  35. 2010

    Co-author of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences major assessment report: “Transforming Care for Canadians with Chronic Health Conditions: Put People First, Expect the Best, Manage for Results”.

  36. 2011

    Harvey Max Chochinov published, Dignity Therapy: Final Words for Final Days with Oxford University Press

  37. 2015

    In July of 2015, the Federal Government appointed Harvey Max Chochinov to chair the External Panel on Options for a Legislative Response to Carter v. Canada

  38. 2016

    Noni MacDonald launched MicroResearch Nova Scotia using skills learned from the earlier program developed in Africa

  39. 2020

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