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Health science research benefits the entire human race. As citizens of the world, some Canadian health heroes also bring their knowledge, passion and experience to support health care delivery to other nations in need.

Doctor and patient Nursing staff
  1. 1878

    Leonora King travelled to present-day Beijing

  2. 1894

    During the war with Japan, Leonora King treated hundreds of wounded soldiers.

  3. 1900

  4. 1910

  5. 1920

  6. 1930

  7. 1938

    Dr. Norman Bethune left Canada yet again to bring modern medicine to rural China and support the revolutionary army

  8. 1940

  9. 1950

  10. 1953

    Gustave Gingras’ heroism extended beyond Canadian borders

  11. 1959

    Gingras led a Red Cross mission to Morocco

  12. 1960

  13. 1970

  14. 1978

    First doctor on-site as part of Operation Magnet, a mission to airlift Vietnamese refugees from Kuala Lampur to Canada

  15. 1979

    Dr. Michael Hayden established the 1st Huntington’s Disease Clinic in South Africa

  16. 1980

  17. 1980

    Dr. Allan Ronald travelled to Kenya to establish a research program for sexually transmitted infections in collaboration with the University of Nairobi

  18. 1984

    Along with Dr. Frank Plummer, Dr. Ronald established an AIDS clinic in Nairobi

  19. 1990

  20. 1995

    The Lucille Teasdale and Piero Corti Foundation was established

  21. 2000

  22. 2001

    The Ugandan-based Academic Alliance for AIDS Care and Prevention in Africa was established

  23. 2004

    Dr. Philip Berger Led the first Ontario Hospital Association team to Lesotho

  24. 2010

  25. 2020

About the CMHF

The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame (CMHF) celebrates Canadian heroes whose work advances health in Canada and the world, fostering future generations of health professionals through the delivery of local and national youth education programs and awards.

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