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The Vital Flow: Blood is a liquid medium that delivers nutrients and oxygen to our cells and transports waste products away from those same cells. It comprises white and red blood cells, platelets and other important clotting factors suspended in plasma.

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  1. 1910

  2. 1912

    Menten and Michaelis published their famous equation

  3. 1920

  4. 1930

  5. 1930

    Charles Best joined the newly established Banting and Best Medical Research Department

  6. 1936

    The perfect opportunity for Dr. Norman Bethune to serve abroad came with the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War

  7. 1940

  8. 1950

  9. 1960

  10. 1968

    Rh immunoglobulin was licensed for use in Canada

  11. 1970

  12. 1980

  13. 1990

  14. 2000

  15. 2010

  16. 2020

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