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Diabetes is a disease marked by persistently high levels of blood sugar caused by inadequate or ineffective insulin, a hormone produced by the Beta cells of the pancreas.


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Doctor and patient Researcher
  1. 1910

  2. 1920

  3. 1922

    Drs. Banting, Best, Macleod and Collip announced their discovery of insulin to the world

  4. 1922

    The Insulin extract was further refined and purified with the expertise and skills of Dr. J.B. Collip, making it available for clinical trials on human subjects

  5. 1930

  6. 1940

  7. 1950

  8. 1960

  9. 1970

  10. 1978

    Dr. Mladen Vranic organized the first symposium on Exercise and Diabetes sponsored by the Kroc Foundation

  11. 1980

  12. 1981

    David Jenkins and colleagues introduce concept of glycemic index (GI)

  13. 1990

  14. 1996

    Daniel Drucker identifies the effects that GLP-2 has on small bowel proliferation in rats

  15. 2000

  16. 2010

  17. 2020

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