August 24, 1938

(Winnipeg, Manitoba)


MD, University of Manitoba (1957)

Awards & Honours:

2003: Inducted into the Winnipeg Hall of Fame

2003: Member of the Order of Manitoba

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Reformed medical education, advanced research, and built interdisciplinary networks across Canada

Dr. Arnold Naimark

An outstanding leader and academic builder

Dr. Naimark joined the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Medicine 1963. By 1971, Dr. Naimark was serving as the faculty’s dean. In his role as dean, Dr. Naimark revolutionized the medical programs offered at the University of Manitoba. Some of his many accomplishments include the rejuvenation of the department of physiology and the department of social and preventive medicine (later the department of community health sciences) as well as his role in the creation of the Northern Medical Unit. Over time, his innovative leadership reached across major national and international organizations concerned with medical education and research. In 1981, Dr. Naimark was appointed ninth president and vice-chancellor of the University of Manitoba. As president, he set his sights on wider university issues but also continued working on the advancement of medicine and the health sciences generally.

Key Facts

Championed the establishment of the department of family medicine and the growth of the department of medical microbiology

Involved in the creation of the Northern Medical Unit, which has become a model of excellence in health delivery in northern and remote communities

Played a seminal role in the establishment of the St. Boniface Hospital Research Centre and the launch of the Manitoba Health Research Council

Led several national and international organizations concerned with medical education and research, where he introduced reforms to enhance their scope and influence

Professional timeline

Impact on lives today

A builder, a leader, a pioneer – these are some of the words used to describe the impact of Dr. Arnold Naimark. Dr. Naimark transformed the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Manitoba from a “clinically-focused prairie school” into one of Canada’s major academic health sciences institutions. His leadership led to the development of a widely-emulated model of integration of medical education and research with community needs. As one of the country’s foremost educational administrations and champions of health research, he continues to be sought after for advice by prominent medical and education institutions around the world and by federal and provincial agencies in Canada.

Picture of Arnold Naimark


  • Dr. Arnold Naimark at the Induction Ceremony in 2013

    Arnold Naimark inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

    Halifax, Nova Scotia

  • Dr. Naimark became the founding chair of the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation

    Leadership in Organizational Development

    Two years later, he was also named the founding chair of the Canadian Biotechnology Advisory Committee.

  • As part of his commitment to promoting health sciences research, Dr. Naimark became the Director of the Centre for the Advancement of Medicine.

  • Dr. Naimark served as Chair of the Association of Commonwealth Universities.

  • Dr. Arnold Naimark became President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Manitoba. He served in this position for 15 years

    Leadership in Organizational Development

  • For over 14 years, Dr. Naimark served as the editor of the University of Manitoba Medical Journal.

  • The Medicine Class of 1972 established the Arnold Naimark Lecture in Medicine and Society to honour his enduring contributions to the medical school.

  • Dr. Naimark was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Manitoba

    Health and Medical Education & Training

    For the next 10 years, Dr. Naimark guided and advanced the growth of the faculty.

  • The J.A. Hildes Northern Medical Unit officially opened on July 1, 1970

    Leadership in Organizational Development

    Today, the Unit provides services through three hospitals and twelve nursing stations in Manitoba, and eight Nunavut Health Centres.

  • Dr. Arnold Naimark

    In 1964, Dr. Naimark began his career at the University of Manitoba.

    He was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physiology, as well as Associate Director of the Cardio-Respiratory Unit at the Winnipeg General Hospital.


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