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Cells are the smallest units of life and are often called the "building blocks of life". The study of cells is called cell biology or cytology. Genetics refers to the study of genes and their role in the traits and conditions that are passed from one generation to the next. Genomics describes the study of all of a person's genes  - the human genome.

Researcher Researcher
  1. 1938

    Quebec’s First Medical Research Institute

  2. 1940

  3. 1950

  4. 1960

  5. 1961

    The deBelle Laboratory for Biochemical Genetics is founded at the Montreal Children's Hospital by Dr. Charles Scriver

  6. 1969

    The Quebec Network of Genetic Medicine is established

  7. 1970

  8. 1980

  9. 1980

    Dr. Joseph Martin developed an NIH-sponsored Huntington’s Disease Research Center at Massachusetts General Hospital that brought together scientists from Harvard, MIT and Boston University

  10. 1984

    A pilot newborn screening program for DMD was launched under the guidance and leadership of Dr. Rockman-Greenberg

  11. 1990

  12. 1993

    With support from the world’s largest independent biotech company, Amgen, Dr. Mak established the Amgen Research Institute in Toronto

  13. 1999

    Dr. Rockman-Greenberg began the first of a series of town hall meetings with Hutterite communities

  14. 2000

  15. 2005

    Till and McCulloch published “Perspectives on the Properties of Stem Cells”

  16. 2008

    The Brain-Body Institute was established at McMaster University

  17. 2010

  18. 2020

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