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The heart is the hardest working muscle in the human body and pumps more than 8500 litres of blood every day. The cardiovascular system is made up of the heart, major blood vessels and fine arteries that deliver blood to every part of our body.

Doctor and patient Surgeons
  1. 1944

    After his release from Germany, Miller Fisher returned to Canada to complete neurological studies under the famed Dr. Wilder Penfield at the Montreal Neurological Institute

  2. 1947

    Wilfred Bigelow was appointed to the Director of the Cardiovascular Laboratory at the Banting Research Institute

  3. 1947

    William T. Mustard joined the Hospital for Sick Children

  4. 1950

  5. 1950

    Wilfred Bigelow conceived the idea of cooling the body into a hypothermic state before surgery to reduce the amount of oxygen needed

  6. 1957

    Having already established the first Division of Cardiac Surgery in Toronto in 1947, Dr. Bigelow continued to innovate

  7. 1957

    Quebec’s first experiments in open heart surgeries were conducted at the MHI

  8. 1960

  9. 1990

  10. 1992

    Dr. Yusuf moved to McMaster University, where he established an international program of research in cardiovascular disease and prevention, culminating in the creation of the Population Health…

  11. 2000

  12. 2010

  13. 2020

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