Exciting Careers in Health Sciences

Careers in health science span a diverse range of professions, from those directly involved with patients to those that support, manufacture, and produce medical and health related products and innovations.
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Jobs that focus on health and disease prevention, cure and treatment fall into this cluster: doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physio therapists, medical personnel, hospital administration, medical scientists, disease management professionals, and any number of related careers. 

In Canada, about 20% of jobs are regulated to protect the health and safety of Canadians by ensuring that professionals and tradespeople meet the required standards of practice and competency. To work in a regulated profession or trade and use a reserved title, you must obtain a licence to practise or a certificate of qualification.  Explore the links below to regulated health professions in your province:






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About the CMHF

The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame (CMHF) celebrates Canadian heroes whose work advances health in Canada and the world, fostering future generations of health professionals through the delivery of local and national youth education programs and awards.

This enduring tribute to our country’s rich medical history is showcased here and in our physical exhibit hall in London, ON.