July 26, 1928

(Calgary, Alberta)


September 13, 2012


LLB, University of Alberta (1952)

MBA, Harvard University (1954)

Awards & Honours:

1994: Distinguished Alumni Award, University of Alberta

1989: Alberta Order of Excellence

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Picture of Peter Lougheed

Translated his vision of enhanced medical research into a reality

The Honorable Peter Lougheed

A champion of scientific investment

In 1975, when natural resources revenues provided the Province of Alberta with a substantial surplus, Premier Lougheed had the foresight to envision a Heritage Foundation for the future support and development of the potential talent and capacity of young Albertans. In October 1979, The Honourable Peter Lougheed introduced an Act to the Alberta Legislature to establish the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research, which was to be administered at arm’s length from the provincial government. In the succeeding twenty years, this Foundation supported medical scientists in Alberta with grants totalling $35-40 million annually.

The Honourable Peter Lougheed and Dr. John Bradley were jointly nominated and inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame.

Key Facts

Created the Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund

Established the Alberta Bill of Rights

Inducted into the University of Alberta’s Sport Wall of Fame

Professional timeline

Impact on lives today

While the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research no longer exists in its original form, its legacy endures. The foundation’s two-decades of sustained support for medical research transformed the landscape of medical research in the province. More than 8,500 research positions were created, scientists from around the globe were drawn to Alberta, and many patients experienced improved care through the strengthening of bench to bedside medicine. The products of this investment have gone on to impact not only the lives of Albertans but people across the world. Today, this work is carried on by Alberta Innovates Health Solutions who fund thousands of researchers on a wide range of topics, including rapid COVID-19 detection tests.

Picture of Peter Lougheed


  • AHFMR became Alberta Innovates Health Solutions.

    By 2011 the endowment had grown to $1 billion, and spends $75 million annually on grants and salaries for medical researchers.

  • The Honorable Peter Lougheed inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame with Dr. John Bradley

    Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • After fourteen years in office, Peter Lougheed retired as premier.

    After his retirement, he continued to practice law and lecture at the University of Alberta. In 1996, he became Chancellor of Queen’s University.

  • The Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research was established.

    The initial investment in the endowment was $300 million. Its objective was “to establish and support a balanced long-term program of medical research based in Alberta directed to the discovery of new knowledge and the application of knowledge to improve health.”

  • The Alberta Health Research Task force was created

    After consulting with the deans of the province’s two medical schools, Lougheed created the Task Force led by Dr. J. E. Bradley. Its mission was to evaluate the present state of medical research in the province, to visit leading medical research facilities in other jurisdictions, and to provide the government with a blueprint for the optimal realization of the project.

  • Became the Premier of Alberta

    This win was the first-time Alberta had elected a Progressive Conservative Government.

  • At the age of 35, Lougheed was elected leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta.

    By 1967, he had established the Progressive Conservatives as the official opposition.


He was a visionary with tenacity and dedication.