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Our media library features Discovery Day presenters - health science professionals who shine a light on their field of expertise.


Virtual Discovery Days Keynote Lectures


with Shakti Chandra PhD
at Memorial University of Newfoundland

with Derek McLachlin PhD
at Western University

Brain and Gait Lab
with Manuel Montero-Odasso MD PhD
at the Parkwood Institute | Western University

DNA Extraction from Strawberries
with Jacqueline Dron and Zak Hawley
at Western University

Our Keynote Speakers through the Years
hosted by BC Children's Hospital Research Institute

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
with Let's Talk Science

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
with Sandeep Raha PhD
at McMaster Children and Youth University

Child Health & Physical Activity Laboratory
at Western University

Surgery 101
created by Jonathan White MD and Parveen Boora MD
at the University of Alberta

Integrated Knowledge Translation
with Sheila Moodie PhD
at Western University

The Perk Lab - Laboratory for Percutaneous Surgery
at Queen's University

Education and Training
at the National Centre for Audiology

Physics in Medicine
as used by Tim Healey
at Memorial University of Newfoundland

at Memorial University of Newfoundland


Laboratory Medicine
at Memorial University of Newfoundland


Reducing Sports Concussions
presented by Allen Champagne PhD
Queen's University

Science Monkey
presented by Raywat Deonandan PhD
University of Ottawa

Dementia from the Inside: What it is and the lived experience
presented by the
Alzheimer Society of London & Middlesex



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