Good Tidings & Joy

December 8, 2022
Good Tidings

Starting in 2022, for two-three weeks just before the holidays and through to the New Year, we have run a social media campaign in the name of optimism.  Last year we titled the campaign Bringing Brightness Forward and focused on some amazing human interest stories happening in the health sector. This year our theme is Good Tidings and Joy, drawing wisdom and well wishes from friends of the CMHF. Don't miss a message - follow along @cdnmedhallfame from December 14 through to the New Year! 
We asked CMHF Laureate, Dr. Ron Worton, to share an important lesson learned in 2022.

What is an important lesson you learned this year?
Closing doors as you go through life is just as important as opening doors, particularly in the latter part of life’s journey. As I progressed through life, moving from one research project to another, taking on greater leadership responsibilities as those doors opened, changing employers on occasion, and relocating to new homes in new cities, my wife and I witnessed many door openings, and retirement led to even more open doors that involved exploring Ontario's waterways in a motor yacht, exploring North America in a motorhome, and finally a winter home in sunny Arizona. Every one of those doors is now closed with no regrets and with fond memories of what was on the other side.

The lesson learned is that every door that opens must eventually be closed, and if done without regret at the right time, closures may be celebrated as meaningfully as openings. Together they define the chapters of our lives.

My advice: As you move through life opening doors to new projects, new responsibilities, and new adventures, be sure to close the old doors behind you and treat the closures as important milestones defining the chapters in your life.

What brings me joy: I appreciate the fact that while every new door opened involves new challenges and new rewards, closing those doors later in life involves cherished memories as that chapter of life ends.

Outlook for the new year: I do not know what the future brings for 2023, but on the theme of Good Tidings and Joy, we will enjoy our condo home overlooking Lake Ontario, appreciate the spectacular view and the sun pouring in our windows many mornings, cherish the fact that we are still of sound mind, and capable of reading, writing, watching movies and sporting events, eating out, and visiting friends and family, and contributing on occasion to the community through volunteer activities.

Well wishes: My wish for 2023 is that information based on evidence will begin to replace misinformation that is threatening our way of life, our forms of government, our health, and our climatic future.

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