School Registration Form / Formulaire d'inscription de l'école

Edmonton, Alberta, Katz Centre for Health Research 1080
October 24, 2024


A teacher or guidance counsellor (the Liaison) must register the school. This is an expression of interest to receive further information. It does not obligate you to have students attend, nor does it guarantee there will be space when students go online to register.

As your school's Liaison, you will receive student and teacher registration instructions when available (see important dates on the event page), to pass along to those interested in participating.

When students go online to register, they will have the opportunity to select their own morning and afternoon workshop from a catalogue of options. Workshop spaces are limited and first-come, first-served. Students will also need to upload a signed consent/media release form at the time of their online registration.

Teachers are also welcome to attend but are not required to do so.

Lunch will be provided. However those with special dietary restrictions are asked to please bring their own. Everyone should bring a water bottle for use at the refill stations as beverages will not be provided.

I Agree to the following terms and conditions/J’accepte les modalités et conditions suivantes:

I will support and facilitate the registration of any students from my school who are interested in attending Discovery Day in Health Sciences.

J’appuierai et faciliterai l’inscription de tout élève de mon école qui s’intéresse à la Journée Découverte en sciences de la santé.