October 21, 1928

(Quebec City, Quebec )


July 2, 2015


MD, Université Laval

Awards & Honours:

2015: Quebec Medical Association Prestige Award

2013: Officer of the National Order of Québec

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Claude Roy

Formed the field of paediatric gastroenterology

Portrait of Claude Roy MD

A powerful voice for the role and place of the clinician scientist in modern academic health centres

After completing his medical degree at l’Université Laval and his paediatric training at McGill and Harvard, Dr. Claude Roy spent six years at the University of Colorado where he began an academic career in which research was always at the core of his academic activities. His major research contributions are in the areas of infant nutrition, metabolism of bile acids and fatty acids, chronic liver disease in infants and Cystic Fibrosis. As Director of Research as Ste-Justine, he greatly contributed to the hospital’s transformation into the paediatric university hospital it is today with an international reputation for exemplary care and for superb training and research programs.

Key Facts

Developed understanding of existing diseases and conditions relating to the intestinal track and also defined new diseases such as chylomicron retention disease

Promoted recognition of paediatric gastroenterology through his activities with a number of professional organizations

Advanced research in the treatment of premature infants and was an active member in the Canadian Nutrition Society

Professional timeline

Impact on lives today

When Dr. Roy became Director of Research at Ste-Justine Hospital, research was viewed as a luxury. Throughout his career, he emphasized the importance of integrating a strong research component to a training program which, over the years, trained more than 60 paediatric gastroenterologists scattered over three continents. As Chair of Paediatrics, he led the charge for the recruitment of clinician scientists and convinced the authorities that the future of the hospital would be played out in the research arena. Moreover, through his excellence in research and activities with a number of professional organizations, he promoted recognition of paediatric gastroenterology as an important subspecialty of medicine.

Picture of Claude Roy


  • Photo of Claude Roy

    Claude Roy inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

    Halifax, Nova Scotia

  • Sainte-Justine Hospital hosted the first International Symposium on Paediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition

    The symposium was held in honour of his contributions to the establishment of the field.

  • After serving as a member of the Medical Research Council for 6 years, became its Director of Programs until 1999

  • Became Director of the Department of Paediatrics at Sainte-Justine Hospital

  • Became head of the Gastroenterology Department at Sainte-Justine Hospital

  • In response to his excellence in research and his advocacy of role of a clinician-scientist, became Director of Research at Sainte-Justine Hospital

  • Along with Dr. Arnie Silverman, Dr. Claude Roy published the first textbook of paediatric gastroenterology


    Now in its fourth edition, it remains the primary textbook in the field.

  • Appointed professor at the University of Montreal

    His former students have spoken of the important influence Dr. Roy had on their research and clinical careers.


This is a profession I have loved all my life.