Meet our Laureates

Six Canadian medical heroes are inducted annually into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame. Their work may be a single meritorious contribution or a lifetime of superior accomplishments.  Pioneers in their field, they are role models of excellence in health in Canada and the world.

Are you interested in which Laureates relate to a specific disease, or specialty?

    John J.R. Macleod, MB ChB

    Diabetes, Evidence-based Medicine & Clinical Trials, Diabetes

    Playing a vital – though often neglected – role in the discovery of insulin, and making a world-class, history-making…

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    Peter Macklem, MD

    Lungs, Public Health, Health Promotion & Advocacy, Lungs

    One of Canada’s greatest pulmonary physicians, clinician-scientists and original thinkers, Dr. Peter T. Macklem forever changed the face of…

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    Lap-Chee Tsui, PhD

    Cells, Genetics & Genomics

    Lap-Chee Tsui is an innovator, mentor and role model who stands as a true giant in the field of human genetics and whose work led to the discovery…

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    Terry Fox

    Public Health, Health Promotion & Advocacy

    Terry Fox’s courage and resolve have made innovative cancer research possible and inspired countless millions around the world.

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    F. Clarke Fraser, MD PhD

    Cells, Genetics & Genomics, Leadership in Organizational Development

    Spanning the fields of science and medicine, Dr. F. Clarke Fraser was one of the creators of the discipline of medical genetics in North America,…

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    Armand Frappier, MD

    Infectious Disease, Allergy & Immunity, Leadership in Organizational Development, The Early Days - Health Care Pioneers

    A moving force, a trailblazer, a visionary. These are some of the many accolades used to describe Dr. Armand Frappier, the founder of the first…

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    John Dirks, MD

    Global Health, Leadership in Organizational Development, Genitourinary Tract

    Dr. John H. Dirks has elevated Canadian science and education to unprecedented heights, particularly in transforming the Gairdner Foundation…

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    John Bienenstock, MD

    Cells, Genetics & Genomics, Infectious Disease, Allergy & Immunity, Leadership in Organizational Development, Health and Medical Education & Training

    Considered one of the fathers of mucosal immunology, Dr. Bienenstock has made outstanding contributions to the Canadian and international…

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    Jonathan Meakins, MD

    Leadership in Organizational Development

    Dr. Jonathan Meakins was a brilliant investigator and innovative leader who made enduring contributions to McGill’s medical school and medical…

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