Remembering Adolfo de Bold, PhD

October 27, 2021
A. de Bold in lab

Accomplished cardiovascular researcher . Skilled leader and mentor . Devoted family man

Adolfo J. de Bold, PhD
February 14, 1942 - October 22, 2021

Recognized as the Father of the field of endocrinology, Dr. Adolfo de Bold transformed our knowledge and understanding of the functions of the heart. Best known for his discovery of atrial natriuretic factor (ANF), a polypeptide hormone secreted by heart muscle cells, Dr. de Bold forever changed our understanding of how the heart functions, opening up a new field of research which resulted in diagnostic and therapeutic applications in the treatment of heart failure and hypertension. Following years of dedicated research, his discovery was named one of the top six achievements in Canadian health research earning him a nomination for a Nobel Prize.

After achieving a professional degree in Clinical Biochemistry in Argentina, Dr. de Bold made the adventurous move to Canada to pursue graduate research and studies in the Department of Pathology at Queen’s University. Attaining a PhD in Experimental Pathology, Dr. de Bold taught at Queen’s until 1986 when he moved to the University of Ottawa. At this time, Dr. de Bold established the Cardiovascular Endocrinology Laboratory at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, serving as Director until his retirement in 2013. It was here that he became a valued mentor to many young scientists, inspiring them to ask big questions and go boldly toward discovering the answers.

Dr. de Bold devoted his expertise and knowledge to the future of medical science. His legacy will live on through the young leaders he mentored to continue to think outside the box.

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